Traffic City Productions, LLC was created in the summer of 2002 by Josh Monkarsh, with the intentions of producing quality independent films based on captivating intellectual properties (IP's) - starting with the coming of age drama: "The Highlife": which was awarded a prestigious Remi Award at the 36th Annual Worldfest Houston.

In 2011, Monkarsh joined forces with PalmStar Media Capital, as an equity investor and co-producer of "To Serve a Ruthless Crown" based on Ian Fleming's WWII experiences ultimately inspiring the birth of James Bond. Monkarsh is also co-producing "Lunar Park" based on the bestselling Bret Easton Ellis novel and "The Golden Suicides" based on the Vanity Fair article chronicling ex-scientologists Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake.

In recent years, PalmStar has gone on to produce a handful of titles including Collateral Beauty starring Will Smith and Edward Norton and American Ultra starring Jessie Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart and in July of 2017, PalmStar acquired all rights to the infamous National Lampoon dynasty.

Still seeking projects to develop under his Traffic City banner - while browsing on his Kindle, Monkarsh discovered and downloaded the breakthrough novel: "The Last Boy on Earth" by Thomas Burby. Shortly after Monkarsh contacted Burby.

Once obtaining the option, Monkarsh proceeded to hire Oscar Nominated writer Milo Addica ("Monster's Ball", "Birth") for the feature length screenplay adaptation. As of June 2017, "The Last Boy on Earth" is in its early "pitch" stage and is seeking a director.

For more information on current projects, visit the "Projects" page.